Motown Winter Blast

Motown Winter Blast takes place around Campus Martius Park in Detroit Michigan. This year the event took place on February 8th-10th. Entrance fee of $1 or canned food went towards a charity. First created as a event to kick-off the 2005 Super Bowl XL which was held in Detroit. Its popularity kept it going each year since.

Lets be serious, its winter in detroit. Most people do not think its a great time to get together and have a event. They solved this issue by having “Comfort Zones”. Every 150 feet there is some way to warm yourself up.

Free Ice skating in the center of Detroit? I was shocked at how many people were on the ice flying past me. Attempted to show this in the photos I dragged the shutter.

Local music was located on 3 stages( Michigan Lottery stage, Fathead Stage, and Meijer Stage), two were inside warm tents. With over 50 entertainment shows. Sadly I was not able to watch more then one band. The one band I did see was Blue Collar Boys. They sounded great and hope to see them perform in the future.

Snowshoeing, Ice Garden, Roasting Marshmallows, Dogsleds, Taste of Detroit, Fun Science Experiments for kids, and Carnival style games. There is something for everyone in the family.

I found access to a higher perspective and took some quick images. Next year I will have to remember to bring a tripod for some  long exposures and find better locations to better frame the event.

This event couldn’t be possible without great sponsors. HUGE THANK YOU to Quicken Loans, Flagstar Bank, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, General Motors Foundation, Detroit DDA, Marketing Associates, Michigan Lottery, Meridian Health Plan, Wayne County, Charter One Bank, and other sponsors. (list found on  Events like these help bring Detroit together!

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