2013 NAIAS North American International Auto Show Detroit, Michigan

No other place can host the North American International Auto Show but the Motor City. The crowd numbers that flock to the NAIAS is astounding. For many like myself its exciting to see so many people enjoying the visit to downtown Detroit. Seats in

Lincoln comes out strong with the MKC SUV concept. Doubted they could beat the design of the MKX but they pulled it off. Great lines all around with the new MKZ’s grill. I expected to see a new Navigator this year but I guess we will have to wait at least one more year.

Ford’s made a lot of truck fanatics drool all over the place with the Atlas concept. Hopefully this will become reality in the VERY near future. Hint Hint.. NEXT year would be Great Ford. I’m sure you can make it happen. The Atlas was extremely innovative. The one feature which made me step back, then forward to investigate more was the openings of the rims and grill closed when traveling at higher speeds to cut down on gas consumption. Why has that not been done before?

NEW Chevy Stingray Corvette!!! It was the busiest of all exhibits for a reason. They will not be able to make these fast enough. To top it off they are not raising the price. The “ONE” complaint I have is that it doesn’t have the iconic round tail lights. Everything else I seen exceeds my expectations and beyond.

Chevy had a whole group of new smaller vehicles. I only posted one image because with a telephoto lens I had too many obstructions. They looked like they could be a fun to drive till winter came. Detroit has some monster potholes which could swallow one of these up in one swoop.

Sadly I did not have much time left when I got to Chryslers (and many other companies) exhibit and there was always someone standing in front of the vehicles. I doubt anyone wants to see 30 photos of peoples backside. Chrysler (and anyone else I missed) if you feel left out contact me and lets set up a  photograph shoot.

Jaguar is showing some teeth and claws with the XFR! GRRR Baby GRRRR! Now thats one sexy beast.

Nissan shown up with the stylish and sleek Resonance SUV. Carbon fiber ALL over the place but worked with the design.

Once again the NAIAS was an amazing show which brought Detroit together. Big thanks to all the sponsors and companies who were apart of this event.

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