Marche De Nain Rouge

March de Nain Rouge

Detroit has been plagued by many issues over the years, but who’s to blame? Prior to the cities creation the founder Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac was warned by a fortune teller thats the little red imp haunting his dreams was a creature who lives between where detroit was settled and Ontario. This creatures name was Nain Rouge . Cadillac was said to had chased off Nain Rouge with a stick but returned after he left to cause chaos in the city.

Over 300 years later Detroit is still fighting to banish the evil from the city. Thousands of people came together March 24th 2013 for the 3rd annual Marche de Nain Rouge in the hopes it will finally be chased away from Detroit for good. The event was a mixture of Halloween, Mardi Gras, and a large parade . The parade ended at the Masonic Temple where the Nain Rouge gave a speech on the main steps then the party moved to inside.

Although Detroit has fallen to the point of the need of an emergency manager it seems to be far away from giving up. Companies like Compuware and Quicken Loans have brought their companies headquarters to the city. Long time Michigan Ad agency Campbell Ewald recently announced it is relocating its Headquarters back downtown Detroit from the burbs.

After this event the Downtown Detroit Partnership and Detroit Economic Growth Corporation announced HUGE news on two different days in a week. First that many main companies are giving the city 100 new police cars are emergency vehicles! This is extremely needed. The second announcement was that new companies like Papa Joe’s, MooseJaw’s, among other are moving downtown along with tons of new proposed renovations around the downtown area. Better transportation has been talked about for some time and in their designs it is called  a light rail. No surprise my favorite renovation will be the Capital Park will be the Art District with galleries at the street level!!!!

A new serge of life and hope seems to quickly be mounting in the downtown of Detroit which we hope will spread throughout the whole city. Events like these show how much dedication locals have in the city and help bring together its diverse communities.

Check out the official event page here Nain Rouge

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