Eastern Market Gets WEIRD.

Art murals in Eastern Market Detroit MI

Eastern Market gets WEIRD.

    Recently the world famous German and Austria graffiti muralist group “the Weird” visited Eastern Market in Detroit by invitation to paint quite a few pieces. I have always said for Detroit to rise into a powerful city again it needs more landmarks to draw tourist. Eastern market is an amazing place to visit, but there are countless poor graffiti writing tags covering all of the buildings. Although there are a few interesting murals on some of the walls there are just not enough to be an attraction. The Weird designs are colorful and interesting drawing people to search all of Eastern Market to find them all. In the near future I hope local artist and building owners will band together to create a movement around all detroit. If more people are encouraged to expand their artistic skills they might stop tagging their names and create legal building artwork which might enrich the city aesthetics. If you have an organization or group which is involved in making murals or teaching detroit youth artistic skills send me some info. Don’t forget to stop by the Eastern Market for some delicious food. Visit their website for more information http://www.detroiteasternmarket.com

Earlier this week I shot video with a friend for Urban Neighborhood Initiatives in Springwells Village (in Detroits SouthWest side) which one of their program giving kids a summer job teaching them how to paint wall murals. It teaches youths leadership and teamwork skills besides expanding their artistic knowledge. In the near future I will post more about this interesting organization’s work. Check out more about this  organization at https://www.facebook.com/UrbanNeighborhoodInitiatives  or http://www.unidetroit.org/

Make sure to click on the images below to view larger images. I took photos of murals from the weirds and a few others created by local artist. What do you think about the murals? Leave comments and let everyone know your opinions.

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