Velocity – Journey to Innovation.

BlueWater Technologies presents


Velocity – Journey to Innovation


Written: Mark Beck   Photography: Leonard Beck

Detroit is taking the steps to become the tech capital in the east that has without a doubt set a precedent of what to expect from Detroit for many years to come. Hosted by Bluewater Technologies, the event dubbed “Velocity – Journey to Innovation” whisked you away to another world. Despite being held in the iconic and classic Fillmore Detroit, with the use of specially positioned lighting, and stunning video displays both on the primary stage and interactive displays around the event they managed to make you feel immersed in their journey through space and information.

The event was geared toward innovating how you do business focusing on the day to day experiences, which was apparent in the multitude of companies specializing in presentation technologies such as Barco, which has a multitude of innovative technologies designed to keep in mind the use of multiple devices seamlessly both in office and global environments. Liberty AV Solutions also stood out with their hybrid fiber cabling, not only using fiber optics for high speed transmission of high quality signal, but paired it with a copper wire to allow simplicity in turning on receivers. Arrive focused its efforts in technology towards their all in one box which houses the computer, wireless router, and a multitude of AV options built into device all working together pulling its information from the server allowing unit replacement proceeding with ease. Finally I wanted to point out Visitec with their 4k displays including models with touch capabilities. Not only does Visitec’s displays provide high quality visual experience, but their products provide a variety of commercial applications in unison with a large array of technology.

What does this mean for Detroit? Detroit is braving the new frontier which is fueled by locals wanting to change their city for the better. With this large push for technology and innovation Detroit has a chance not many other large cities have due to the blight that spans the city. With so much room for growth, the tech community has the ability to mold Detroit into anything it wants and needs to move forward. Detroit has the chance to not only be the tech capital of the east, but with right backers and support could become the tech leader of the world.


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