Get into the PIT

GET into the PIT

Michigan Metal Fest

Hard Edge Radio and the Tiny and Plankman Show came together to bring you GET into the PIT metal music festival

 June 27th and 28th at Rocky’s Pub in Riverview, MI

26 bands, 2 stages!!!

Onsite venders are InkAddict, 2 Fat Guys and a Pipe, and Epyon Royal


FRIDAY JUNE 27th’s line-up was

Karmic Lava
Mare Crisium
Coven 13
Downspeed (Toledo,OH)
Hate Unbound
Genocya (Lansing, MI)
From Blue To Gray (Mt. Pleasant, MI)
The Worst Of
Ugly But Proud


Saturday June 28th. 
Doors at 3:30pm

Admission is only $10!!!

Today’s bands are…

Soldiers Last Breath
Deadringer (Flint, MI)
At Deaths Behest
Imminent Sonic Destruction
Fall From Disgrace
At The Hands Of Victims
Demonshifter (Toledo, OH)
Truth Ascension (TOledo, OH)
Swans On Fire
Hell Rides North
After The Minor (Flint, MI)
Dismemberment (Columbus, OH)
Forsake The Fallen
Underneath It All

Photos from Friday 27th show below

(camera’s is still in the shop so images are not as sharp as normal)

More images coming in a few days from todays show.


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