FUEL: Detroit


Monday April 13
Photographer: Leonard Beck  — Writer/Social media: Melissa DiVietri  www.melissadivietri.com

Fuel is a one-day leadership development conferences which host major business speakers like Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Jessica Alba, Brian Lee, Seth Godin, Mark Fields, Josh Linkner, Commander Michael Abrashoff, Rick Snyder, Adam Lowry, Mike Duggan, Eric Schurenberg, Poppy Harlow, Paul W. Smith.

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow & Paul W. Smith – WJR morning talk personality and Fuel Leadership Detroit Emcee opened the event at the Motorcity Casinos Soundboard.

Fuel: Detroit

Brian Lee, Jessica Alba, and Josh Linkner

Inspiration to find the brand “Honest Company,” Jessica Alba was encouraged to research more about a brand that was effective and beautifully designed that was transparent to trust. Her confidence drove when she had an allergic reaction to laundry detergent while being pregnant. She knew that this company needed to exist for the health and wellness for people. She knew that other people did not have to have unnecessary illnesses by creating a non toxic world with products.

“There’s three beliefs about our brand,” Brian Lee, CEO of The Honest Company.

  1. Believe in our product – we all believe that we have the most non toxic
  2. Believe in our people – trust in each other; someone needs help – we are there to help
  3. Believe in the mission – to help create a non toxic world.

“If you’re going to believe in a product, make it the best,” Brian Lee.

“I want to be remembered who gave people access to great products who helped them live a better life. Really pave the way for the moment,” Jessica Alba.

Fuel: Detroit

Mark Fields, CEO Ford Motor Company

“It is a very exciting time to be apart of Southeast Michigan,” Mark Fields. Innovation has been more than just a product. He views challenges as huge opportunities for the company. “The companies who are going ot success, challenge custom and challenge their own business model. They be their own disrupters,” Fields. Ford introduces “Ford Smart Mobility” where the car becomes a part of the internet of things and how you use big data. As 112 year old company, there is a great heritage. There are a lot of favorite sayings from Henry Ford, failure is the opportunity to build again with better intelligence.

“Our brand has always been about democratizing technology.” Mark Fields. Step back and ask yourself, what really drives you. I strongly believe as a leader to be self aware and self reflective. Love what you do – the product, the team and the leader. Dream with a deadline – have an end in mind.

Poppy Harlow – CNN

What you think of Ford as, when you look at this room and the millennial generation – with people moving back to the cities – they do not want to commute with cars. – says Poppy. “One foot in today and one foot in the future, Mark Fields. What are the things that will impact our business. We want to change the way the world moves.” Mark Fields. Its about telling a compelling story to get people who are interested in coming to work at Ford.

Fuel: Detroit

Commander Michael Abrashoff – New York Times Best Selling Author

Fuel: Detroit

Seth Godin – New York Times Best Seller Author

We find small threads and loop them together to magnify them. If you want to reach everybody, you better make something that everybody wants to buy. We are trying to force people to pay attention.

Detroit is about people, here I made this. People that  have been to a revolution before and want to make another one. Why isnt everything that you do organized into the idea turning strangers into friends. The value of being trusted is priceless. Value is created by connection. It is important for people to be in sync. People in the tribe want to be in sync. Commit and connect to where they are going. “Intentionally build a culture,” Seth Godin.

Fuel: Detroit

Hon. Mayor Mike Duggan

Just kicked off Motor City Match – going to give $500,000 grants for entrepreneurs starting new businesses in Detroit.

Fuel: Detroit

Josh Linkner – New York Times Best Seller Author

Fuel: Detroit

Gov. Rick Snyder

Gov. Rick Snyder on entrepreneurship: If you are fully rational, you will never be successful.Gov. Rick Snyder on entrepreneurship: If you are fully rational, you will never be successful. “Michigan is the nation’s comeback state, it’s not because of me – it’s because we wanted it,” Snyder says.

Fuel: Detroit

Eric Schurenberg – President and Editor-in-Chief Inc. Magazine

Fuel: Detroit

Adam Lowry – Cofounder of Method Soap & Roop Raj – WJBK FOX 2 – anchor & reporter

The people that are the best at interviewing are the worst employees (because they spend so much time interviewing). I believe that you have to hire slow and fire fast.

Fuel: Detroit

Earvin “Magic” Johnson – NBA Hall of Famer, Olympic Gold Medalist, and entrepreneur

Joe from Detroit Free Press wrote, “Magic will be just an OK pro.” He won NBA championship as a rookie against Philadelphia. First rookie to be named MVP in NBA history. We went to the finals 9xs in 12 years. Where was he going to invest his money from NBA basketball?

The first and only person to own Starbucks outside of Starbucks. No way is a minority going to pay $3 for a cup of coffee. We will pay $3 for a cup of coffee but we don’t know what scones are – changed scones with pound cake to resignate to the consumer. Took the alternative music out of his Starbucks and put in Earth, Wind & Fire. “It’s about the consumer.”

Fuel Leadership Detroit event was a conference every business professional should have attended. FUEL bring the flash of a live T.V. show with powerful inspiring messages from a long list of major speakers. If you missed the event in Detroit, FUEL: Cleveland is on Sept. 30th!

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For more info on Fuel:Detroit visit– https://fuelleadership.com/

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