2015 Movement Day1

2015 Movement Day 1

Photographer/writer: Leonard Beck & Photographer: Jordan Buzzy

Bass reverberates off all the buildings downtown Detroit on Memorial day Weekend. Crowds of people of all ages and backgrounds marching from every directions toward Hart Plaza to massive EDM beats. There is no question that Movement is here. Once inside patrons are entranced by a barrage of amazing light shows and sound.

Movement electronic music festival comprises of 6 different stages that each play their own type of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). The main stage is now called the MOVEMENT stage. Then theres the Redbull Music Academy stage, Beatport stage, Thump stage (made in Detroit stage), Underground stage, and the Sixth stage.

EDM fans seem to embrace the outrageous outfits more each year. In my eyes I feel this just intensifies the events experience to a new level helping to lower inhibition and allowing people to be themselves. Can’t wait to see what I will see next year. Personally I would like to see more large art pieces in the future like you see at burning man.

It was quite obvious that the first day of Movement this year broke prior years records. These type of events showcase Detroit to the world and bring many travelers to our great city.

One of the cool Detroit venders I met at the festival was http://iclubdetroit.com .

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