Virgin Atlantic Will Offer Nonstop Flights From Detroit to London

Virgin Atlantic Will Offer Nonstop Flights From Detroit to London

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Photographer: Leonard Beck & Writer/Social Media: MELISSA DIVIETRI
Virgin Atlantic Airlines Press conference on June 11 2015

Virgin Atlantic Airlines Press conference on June 11 2015

The arrival of Sir Richard Branson  is one for the books! As he landed in Detroit on the Virgin Atlantics plane, he was greeted by many media professionals on the tarmac. What a site! His energy, focus and ambition are contagious. Sir Richard Branson wore a “Detroit Hustles Harder” t-shirt which ‘represents respect to the city,’ quoted Branson. Sir Richard Branson began the press release with a bang, “This city is beginning to “BOOM” again!”

The development of non stop flights from Detroit to London is an important new piece for the city. Delta has been an important part in Virgin atlantic journey.  How does the brands of Virgin Atlantic and Delta Airlines fit together,” questions Richard Anderson, CEO of Delta Airlines. We share two ethos in the companies. It is a complete pride to work for Atlantic or Delta. And our airlines committed to both our people. Taking care of our customers as a key part of the brand, says Anderson.

Warren Evans from the Wayne County Executive office appeared on the panel during the Virgin Atlantic. When you have good partners, you can make it a success. This is what Detroit needs, partnerships like this to expand the horizons. It benefits all of us. “The thing I think is so great, is the relationships with Delta & Virgin,” says Warren Evans. “These are people who are trying to move the goal post to make a more dynamic region. Let’s do it the right way”.

Virgin Atlantic is now the third carrier to offer a new service out of Detroit. The fifth to offer non-stop service out of the city. Richard Anderson’s commitment is the hub to allow 130+ non stop services.

Meigan Terry, SVP Communications and External Affairs of Virgin Atlantic was the moderator. Also, featured on the panel: Mike Duggan / Mayor of Detroit, Craig Kreeger / CEO of Virgin Atlantic and Thomas Naughton / CEO Wayne County Airport Authority.

Be ready for the sold out pitch event tomorrow with Sir Richard Branson at College for Creative Studies beginning at 1:30PM EST.

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