Detroit Startups Pitch to Sir Richard Branson #HelloDetroit

Writer/Social Media: MELISSA DIVIETRI & Photographer: LEONARD BECK


Local Detroit start ups pitch to Sir Richard Branson their business plans for an opportunity of a lifetime.

The four start ups include The Floyd LegOriginal StixMerit and Ali Sandifer Studio that presented their ideas to a panel of speakers including Sir Richard; Dan Gilbert, Founder of Rockbridge Growth Equity, Detroit Venture Partners and Bizdom; Bridget Russo, Chief Marketing Officer, Shinola; and Adriel Thompson, ambassador of cultural goodwill for Detroit and Founder of Digital Laundre.

Each group had a few minutes to share their business plan, goals and marketing efforts of future investments.

The Floyd Leg
The Floyd Leg gives you the framework to take ownership of your furniture by allowing you to create a table from any flat surface.

Original Stix
Built from game used composite hockey sticks, the Original Stix iPhone 5/ 5s Case was designed with hockey players and fans in mind.

Each clothing item that is purchased will shape the fate of students in need to send them to college.

Ali Sandifer is a design studio and workshop with a particular fondness for furniture.

 **To view larger size images click on the thumb nail images below.**


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