Vans Warped Tour 1


Vans Warped Tour: 1

Photographer & Writer: Leonard Beck

Walking into the Palace of Auburn Hills on July 24th you could feel the music vibrating throughout the air as todays youth flocked in massive groups into the venues parking lot where 9 stages were waiting for them. Warped Tour also has a comedy tent, venders of all types, and a 1/2 pipe skateboard ramp. If the summer heat gets to much for you there is a huge fireman like water hose that is attached to a crane always spraying near the entrance to the event.

Perfect weather with perfect vibes roaring in every direction. The music really energized the crowd the second you stepped into the festival or was that the Monster Energy drinks they were handing out? Pretty sure it was both. Warped Tour always has an amazing intensity you rarely find anymore.

This year is the 21st Vans Warped Tour and it seems to still be growing in popularity. With so many bands it’s hard to pick which stage you should go to. There was so many photos from this event I had to post them in 3 different blogs. Make sure to check them all out.

List of bands on this years tour.


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More of our photos from 21st Warped tour…


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