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Social Media & Writer: Melissa DiVietri

ASAE is your association home, where association professionals find a vibrant community, exceptional experiences, and essential tools for the work you do every day. Our goal is to help you reach the highest levels of performance by connecting great ideas and great people. Our members make the world better, smarter, and safer. In short, ASAE is the Center for Association Leadership.
Parker Mabry

Meet M. Parker Mabry of ASAE Coaching Sessions

1. Who are you, where do you work, what do you do?

My name is M. Parker Mabry and I am from Washi gto., D.C. and I work with international organizations and professionals throughout thr world. I am an Executive Leadership Coach and Life Strategist and I am the President of the Anderson Advantage Group.

2. How many years have you been attending ASAE?

I have attended ASAE for the past two years as a professional coach.

3. What do you like best about Detroit?

I have enjoyed Big D so much. The people have been so warm and welcoming. I love the spirit and values of hard work, and dedicated commitment that was evident through conversations and the soft lighthearted humor of the locals. Each of these things helped to make my stay in Detroit phenomenal and oh of course the Music and the legacy musicians who are still willing to share a story and a beer.

4. Give one piece of advice that you can provide to entrepreneurs or young professionals in this industry?

Learn the art of networking.

5. How do you people get ahold of you (social media, email)
Individuals and or organization so can contact me via email, and other social media sources.


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