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Eastern Market After Dark

WriterMelissa DiVietri & Photography: Leonard Beck

Detroit Design Festival presents Easter Market After Dark which is an annual open house for creative venues in Detroit. More than 30 creative venues will open their doors for the public to experience the artistic side of the neighboord.

Eastern Market After Dark was a one night event on September 25, 2015 from 7PM – 11PM where the community gathered under the SHEDS and around the alley ways to explore the scene. This was an exciting time for Eastern Market because many artists were live painting their murals for the recently launched, “Murals in the Market.” Murals in Market hosted ‘Adopt a Mural’ program where businesses and art supporters sponsored an individual artist. There were 45 world class local and international artists painting throughout the night which brightened Eastern Market After Dark into one of the most memorable nights for Detroit Design Festival.

Eastern Market After Dark hosted the annual Fashion Show as part of the AIA Celebration of Architecture in Shed 3.

Tune in next year by visiting Detroit Design Festival for all artistic and creative festivities.

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