HUGE news


Detroit has been attracting a lot of attention from the creative community lately. It is HUGE news that such a amazing agency has decided to open up shop in our town.

Huge is a digital design, technology, and marketing agency who is opening an office in Detroit. The agency was founded in Brooklyn in 1999. Google, NIKE, GE, American Express, Lowe’s, Samsung, Gucci, and Morgan Stanley are just a few of their clients. The Detroit location will be one of 13 offices around the world.

Tim Nolan Executive Creative Director/BKLN answered a few questions from Melissa DiVietri about the agencies new office.


What it means to your company to come to Detroit?


There is an extremely powerful energy and momentum in Detroit that we want to be a part of. We like to create offices in cities where we know there are a ton of super talented people who care deeply about what they make, and Detroit feels like the right place for us in the Midwest. Right now we’re focused on bringing in people who know and love the city, who know the automotive industry extremely well, and who want to build an office that is not only right for Huge, but right for the city of Detroit.

What you are seeking in talent (if you are hiring)?

Our first client is FCA, and we will be handling all of their online advertising for the next few years, so we are obviously hiring to support that account right now. However we are building a presence here that we expect to become a big part of our global network of offices, so we are also looking for designers, technologists, and strategists at all levels to help continue to grow our business throughout the region. We set a pretty high bar for people that we hire, so we’re looking for people who are very good at what they do, who aren’t scared of collaborating with other people, and who are ready to do what it takes to make something that people love.

What is next for your Detroit office? ( I understand that the Birmingham office is temporary)

Right now we’re looking for a place to call home and downtown feels like the right place to be. Being a creatively-led agency we want to be around other creative people, and the people who are actively rebuilding the city through art, technology and creativity seem to all be gravitating to downtown. We want to be part of that, and for me it’s exciting to think about what the Detroit office will grow into over the next few years.


Huge held an event to meet local talent. Over 100 people showed up and the location had to be moved to PunchBowl Social. Below are a few photos from the evening.

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