Detroit Tree Lighting 2022

19th Annual Tree Lighting Event November 18th 2022

The Detroit Tree Lighting is ALWAYS an event you have to experience. 2022 is no exception. Unfortunately we did have a last minute temperature drop right before the event kicked off. It was CHILLY! Luckly they have plenty of fire pits & tents to keep the party going.

The tree lighting ceremony started quite early before the musical and ice skating guests performances. The ice skating rink was busy all night with young and old. I witnessed quite a few youth having their first skating experiences that night. But you’re never too old to try something new.

Wow was the main tents busy! It was hard to even capture and images in there. But It was not too packed to move around. The little sales shacked before the main tent were feeling a lot of love.

I immediately regretted eating before the event. The food trucks were calling my name all night. I always have a very long list of food trucks I want to try out till I see that stone stove pizza truck and that’s were I go.

Santa was making his rounds. What a very busy guy! The horse carriage rides are a major hit at the event. It’s not what many expect when they come to an event in Detroit. But that’s why I created this site quite a while ago. No one was talking about the positive aspects of Detroit. All you seen was Ruin Porn images flooding media besides the auto show. We have come a long way and there’s a whole lot more to go. Be the change, find ways to advance the community.

Just because the Tree Lighting event is over does not mean it’s over. Downtown Detroit Partnership has events happening at quite a few parks downtown regularly! Make sure to follow them on social media.

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