Lincoln MKC concept set to go into production.

Lincoln Motor Company announces the MKC will go into production. 

     The Lincoln MKC concept stunned crowds at the 2013 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit Michigan. The 2015 MKC is Lincoln’s first small luxury crossover vehicle, which is slated to be available for purchase in the summer of 2014.

     MKC’s has the perfect blend of sleek curvilinear and bold straight body lines which accentuates the vehicles aggressive stance while keeping to its luxury style. It comes with all the luxury amenities you would expect from Lincoln like wood grain trim interior, premium leather, and 20- inch wheels.

     Notable features are the massive panoramic glass roof which seems to make this vehicle seem larger. Side mirrors have a light below it that shines down on the ground with the lincoln logo to illuminate your entrance/exit which really show the small details Lincoln’s designers gave this vehicle.

        The 2014 North American Auto Show is coming up January 16-26. With Lincoln announcing this now what do they have in store for the show?

Images below are from the 2013 NAIAS (NOT the 2015 production version)

**To view larger size images click on the thumb nail images below.**

Check out more info on the Lincoln MKC at

For more images of the 2013 NAIAS show

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