Zumiez Best Foot Forward Finals in Detroit, MI

Zumiez Best Foot Forward Finals


Zumiez Best Foot Forward Finals were in Detroit, MI at the historic Michigan Buildings’ abandon theatre which has become a 3 story parking structure. Best Foot Forward is a large Skateboard contest put on by Zumiez, which brings amateurs together to compete for sponsorship from BONES, cash, and other prizes. 4 months of Skater competitions around the country ended in Detroit for one grand final skate off.

Converse sponsored 2 bands to play the event. The show was held at the bottom of the theatre.

Trash talks’ vocalist Lee Spielman was on stage for maybe a minute before jumping the barrier wall into the crowd to rally it into one big pit. At one point he climbed up to the second level with the guitarist. Eventually the guitarist made his way up to the 3rd story to finish up the set! They are defiantly a band to see when they come to town.

Next up was Detroit’s own punk rock band DEATH. It was great to see this band play live after the amazing story behind them I seen on Netflix. I would highly recommend watching the documentary.

Assemble hosted the After Party in a in use warehouse which had a stage and a 1/2 pipe in it. Red Bull was their to give away free energy drinks to fuel the after party into full overdrive. Live music was Rough FrancisZelooperZ, and Black Noi$e who kept the party rockin all night.

**Sorry about the image quality but my camera was in the shop and borrowed a very old camera to shoot this***

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