2016 NAIAS

2016 North American International Auto Show

This years Detroit auto show brought in an astounding 815,575 people, overshadowing previous years numbers and “almost” beating the record set in 2003. 5,068 journalists attended the Press Preview from 60 countries and 39,788 people attended Industry Preview from 2,000 companies and 25 countries.

Cobo Halls new MAJOR update was completed in time for this years NAIAS. Many of the auto companies also had completely new displays this year along with a new location.

Once again large crowds formed around the shows various electric vehicles. Was it the intrigue of the new technology or were they future owners? Time will tell. BMWs sparked a cord with the crowd and seemed to be the favorite in that category.

The North American Car of the Year was the new Honda Civic. Many were expecting the Lincoln Continental to win this award. Lincoln really added a lot of personal touches that help distinguish it from other vehicles. The new MKZs front end will look a lot like the Continental but will keep its current rear style.

Buick, all we can say is just build the concept! Its a luxury version of the Camaro and everyone loved the design. Don’t change it at all. It’s as simple as asking the company if they want to make lots of money.

Fords new circular display was intriguing and engaging while not overpowering patrons from stimulus overload. Great use of space separating key vehicles from the main floor to give a more personal experience.

GM’s display area this year was moved to the front of the convention. Although GM had many great displays they seemed a bit too sparse in some spots. Vehicle wise GM always has a great line which will speak to the masses. How do they some how still make the Camaro sexier each year!?!

Fiat and their group of brands (Chrysler, Dodge, Alfa Romeo, …) really put together a … dazzling… bright… display? The half – hour straight barrage of concert style lighting was entertaining for the first 5 minutes and quickly turned into irritation. To the point I gave up on taking photos of their vehicles and walked away. The vehicles are the primary focus of the event and should always be easily visible.

In the past Lexus’s front grill never felt right with the vehicle overall design till this year. You won me over.

Its no surprise that Audi had another amazing concept vehicle. Its expected. Loved the mirrorless concept with the pop out side cameras also found in a few other vehicles this year.

Elio Motors which is a new 3- wheeled, two seat vehicle is expected in the 4th quarter of 2016. Up to 84mpg with a base price of $6,800. Elio’s display was in the main hall of Cobo near the ticket booth but it had a constant flow of people interested in the vehicle. It took over a 1/2 hour to take a photo without 10 people in front of it.

Some info from Elio’s webpage–

Elio is engineered to the highest safety standards. Each Elio comes equipped with a Safety Management System that includes three airbags – a reinforced roll-cage frame, Anti-Lock Braking System, and 50% larger crush zones than similar vehicles.

Center for Creative Studies (CCS) showcased some amazing student automotive clay models. Did you get a peek of some future concepts?

Bedrock Real estates had life size cars ice sculptures of created around Campus Martius for the auto show. Each Car was different and from different years. They were lit for viewing at night.

Photos from the Press Preview https://modedetroit.com/2016/01/13/naias-press/

 **To view larger size images click on the thumb nail images below.**

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